Concerns Raised Over ‘Tekken 8’ Color Blind Accessibility Options

‘Tekken 8’ Faces Backlash Over Accessibility Options

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Concerns Raised Over ‘Tekken 8’ Color Blind Accessibility Options

In a bid to improve gaming inclusivity, the developers behind the anticipated ‘Tekken 8’ have introduced color blind accessibility options in their latest release. However, a specific filter marked by black and white lines has sparked concerns among players and accessibility experts alike, with reports of induced migraines, vertigo, and potential triggers for epilepsy.

Bandai Namco, the creators of ‘Tekken 8’, have come under scrutiny for these accessibility options, meant to enhance the gaming experience for players with vision problems. The introduction of these options, although well-intentioned, has drawn negative feedback due to its potential harm to users. Reports have compared the impact of this filter to a problematic ‘Pokémon’ episode known for triggering seizures in some viewers.

Game Developers Respond to Criticism

Katsuhiro Harada, the director behind ‘Tekken 8’, has acknowledged the issue, stating that the team is working on balancing the accessibility mode with the quality of gameplay. Harada emphasized that the accessibility options are designed to help those who need it, clarifying that not every option is suitable for every player. The game, set for release on January 26th on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, is still a work in progress, and its developers are open to feedback.

Experts Suggest Alternatives

Senior GM for accessibility at EA, and Xbox Game Studios’ accessibility lead, along with other experts, have voiced their concerns over the potential health implications of the controversial filter. They suggested alternatives and testing tools to avoid such issues. They also urged the removal of the filter, warning of its potential harm to players. Harada, however, assured that there are multiple types of color vision options and ongoing research in this area.

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