Pro Photographer Shares Tips on Color IQ


The ability to expertly use color is fundamental for creatives, but what happens if you are colorblind or your color literacy is low? Freelance photographer Jake Hicks tackles this topic on his blog, focusing in on how subtle color shifts can make a big difference in the work of any artist. Hicks is also a lighting specialist and runs international training sessions on studio lighting, giving him a high level of expertise on the topic.

In the digital age, photographers spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about color, calibrating their monitors and pouring over color casts to make things “perfect.” But, as Hicks points out, color is subjective. What happens if you are a creative who is colorblind or color challenged? Not much. There are plenty of successful creatives who are either colorblind or have difficulty distinguishing color, but it doesn’t hold them back.

We chatted with Hicks about his interest in the topic and why artists are so obsessed with color. After getting his thoughts on the matter, we’ll dive into how he says color literacy does (and doesn’t) affect creative work, as well as some tips on ways to measure your own color IQ.

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