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The Complexities of Color Blindness | Bryan Kett | TEDxPasadena

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Storyteller, scientist and humorist, Bryan Kett, shares a witty poignant tale on the science of color blindness and how the reconciliation of seeing things differently can be a catalyst for acceptance. By exploring the genetics, social implications, philosophical elements, and technological advancements surrounding color blindness, Bryan digs into the larger idea of how perspective is relative. After all, since we cannot see through each other’s eyes, who is to say what defines green…or red…or blue?

Bryan Kett is a writer and storyteller from the Midwest who now lives in Los Angeles. After earning his Bachelor’s degree in biology and education, he spent his first few years out of college teaching high school science in Chicago.

On a whim, after his first year teaching, he began taking writing classes at Chicago’s famed Second City. There, he fell in love with the craft of writing, and went on to earn his Master’s degree in Writing and Publishing at DePaul University. Still a scientist at heart, Bryan loves weaving personal narrative and scientific explanation to create illuminating, entertaining stories for the screen and stage. In his free time, Bryan loves fishing, despite the fact that he hasn’t caught a fish in years. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Watch the TEDx presentation

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