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New Samsung app helps color blind people see the full spectrum of colors

 Samsung is partnering up with Hungarian company Colorlite — maker of color correction glasses for color blind people — in order to develop a new app that can diagnose Color Vision Deficiency (CVD) in users, and the adjust the palette of a display in such a way as to allow the person to see the full spectrum of colors.

Dubbed the #SeeColors app, it works on both smartphones and Tizen-powered smart TVs. The software puts the user through a string of tests in order to identify whether they suffer from CVD, and if they do, at what level is their vision deficiency. Then, #SeeColors adjusts the color palette of the device accordingly, thus allowing the user to recognize a much larger number of colors shades than they are usually capable of perceiving.

Samsung claims that there are some 300 million people worldwide suffering from CVD. Many of them are only capable of seeing a couple thousand colors, while those living with severe color blindness can only discern between a few hundred. To put this into perspective, people with normal vision can perceive millions of color shades, claims the company. […]

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