Technology Makes TV Viewing Easier for Colorblind

Color blindness affects approximately one in 12 men, and one in 200 women in the world. There are several different types color blindness, and usually the condition is genetic.

While the physical causes of color blindness are still being researched, faulty cones are believed to be primarily responsible for the condition, according to Colour Blind Awareness. But sometimes faulty pathways between cones and the brain are blamed.

Television viewing poses particular problems for those with color blindness. However, Spectral Edge, a company from the Univ. of East Anglia’s School of Computer Sciences, recently announced the availability of its Eyeteq image enhancement technology for license.

According to the company, the technology allows color-blind television viewers the ability to differentiate between problem-posing color combinations, such as red-green and pink-gray. “With Eyeteq enabled, content streamed to a set top box is enhanced on a frame by frame basis before being displayed on the TV screen,” according to the company.

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